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What is a cooperative?
We are a parent cooperative which means that parents are active and
essential partners with our certified teachers.
Parents work as teaching assistants and assist in the administration and day-to-day operations of running the school.  The cooperative experience enables the school to offer programs at a significantly lower cost than regular preschools.  We are a not for profit, charitable organization.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you and your child.
The Cooperative Program at New Toronto Nursery School provides
parents with a unique opportunity to determine what kind of preschool
education they want for their children.

Research shows that a parent involvement is a major factor in a child's
success. As a member of the Cooperative you will be able to ensure
the quality of the program, while still making school affordable for
more families.

Coop parents can play an active role in: administration, assisting with the school
curriculum, planning, fundraising, and classroom duties.

The New Toronto Co-operative
Nursery School is licensed under
the Day Nurseries Act of the
Ministry of Education
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